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The last few days have been a flurry of cleaning up for Diwali, lots of time with friends and family and rich foods with very little in the veggie department.
I’ve been going easy on the long runs and taking a different route for the shorter runs which goes over a couple of inclines. I figure if I can get comfortable with the 5 and 10ks on that route I can gradually get better on the flatter roads.
While labouring over the inclines, it was obvious that there is no compromise on clean fuel to keep going. My regular meals are very plain and simple, half the plate consists of veggies, a fair bit of millets, rice or rotis and lentils or beans. Nuts and seeds are a staple as are fresh fruits. This pattern evolved by itself over time and the food keeps me energetic and light. This week was topsy turvy with a lot of dining out and takeaways, really late nights and junk food that all added up to sluggishness. Festive times are occasions for fun and games and while it doesn’t do much for a training plan, sometimes it is good to be part of the revelries. I walked into this week with my eyes wide open and am glad to have got in all the runs. The long runs are tricky as I haven’t quite cracked my hydration on the go. The last long run was an 18k and I had a sip of water around the 6k mark and then at the 17k mark. While I didn’t feel thirsty, I was dehydrated despite drinking a lot of lime juice and water post my run. Perhaps I need to get little stashes along the route or enlist family and friends to meet me along the way or run with a tiny backpack but that seems a little silly in the city. That’s something I need to figure out sooner than later.
I still get rid of my shoes towards the end of a run and so far it has been good. Without shoes, I can feel my calves and glutes better while running. Walking barefoot on the trail was very different from running on the road, so many unique sensations on my soles. I am fascinated with feet and have a whole new level of respect for the work they do.