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Missed a couple of runs due to a fall and a really late night and decided to get out for a short run today. There was some resistance and a whole bunch of excuses but that’s such a familiar pattern now that I could deal with it.
About a mile in, I kicked off my shoes and left them in a corner and ran/walked. The intention was to do a mile or so but ended up doing 3 with a fair bit of walking. I like walking and running barefoot and sometimes wonder if I would ever go completely shoeless. The sensations are so different, it is like a whole different communications system there.
That’s when that question rose up again, why do I run?
Today’s answer is that I run because it allows me to discover myself through my body. It got me thinking that all I have is contained in my skin and that is what I have to play with. A regular yoga practice has allowed me to experience the healing possible through awareness of movement and stillness.
The foot intrigues me as that is the base whether in yoga or running and there is so much that I do not access yet. Learning to focus on the outer foot, inner foot, the mounds of the foot etc. has shown how adjusting just a little bit changes a pose or posture dramatically. Using props to open up new areas has helped in creating the imprints necessary to do it independently. In my experience, it hasn’t been necessary to repeat things endlessly to learn, it has been more of doing with awareness just once or twice and regularly.
Somewhere along the way, I realized I have stopped looking for a high or calm from running. It has become a space to experience without expectations.