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The thought of the weekly long run is intimidating since I know that the distances are only going to get longer. In the bargain, I forget that all I have is the present.
Luckily, I caught myself before getting on a thought train to nowhere and decided to run just for today. The bigger picture is a point in the future that does not exist right now, right here. Even if the runs feel difficult and like they are not going anywhere, change happens when the time is ripe. It is a good lesson in abhyasa-vairagyam, put in the work without the expectation of its outcome. It boils down to the smaller picture, the pieces of the puzzle that silently come together.
Currently my smaller picture includes the elbow and the inner foot. It doesn’t seem like there is any change happening but experience tells me that if I stick to it, one day it will become natural. Using the inner foot has kept my knees happy. That little discovery happened by chance while running barefoot, perhaps a residue of a yoga lesson that the body applied instinctively.
I decided to ditch the app and run by feel. It felt slow and hard but turns out I did reasonably OK. I was pleasantly surprised as I had a really late night and an early start to my day. As far as possible I am going to run wherever there are annoying little climbs. It’s an old lesson from last year, “master the route”, courtesy Coach. These days I have been getting out much later on a few runs to avoid the pressure of getting back in time and also to catch a little bit of the sunshine vitamin.