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Ended up running shoeless again.
I’ve kept my shoes during my runs after the barefoot one but every time I kept wanting to take it off.  After a couple of miles today, I got my shoes off and it felt good to connect with the ground. Somehow my feet felt surer and I could lift my legs easier. Overall, it just felt very exhilarating and liberating.
A lot many things have changed in the last year, within as well as on the outside. I used to be painfully self-conscious about running when I started and would imagine myself blending into the background. So I lived noisily in my head and quietly on the outside. A few months ago I chopped off all my hair, fed up with the constant washing and attendant frizziness. I guess I lost more than just hair, I lost a lot of the self-consciousness as well.
I don’t know where all this barefoot business is going but it feels like steps towards something. For now, although the runs seem like homework, I am content with trusting the process and sticking to my plan. Week 3 almost done except for one missed run and the weekend long one to go.