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I ran barefoot today and it was the most amazing sensation. Totally unplanned and very spontaneous so ended up holding my shoes and running but all I felt was joy.

Ms. A is back in town and we got out for an easy run/walk today when we bumped into another Dr. G. It was her first day back to running after a long gap and we walked/ran while chatting. We got talking about flat feet and I shared my experience about how my feet have changed. The two of us got our shoes off a mile into the run/walk and I kept mine off for the rest of the way. There was no discomfort except for some stretches with a little gravel.

My soles are much thicker now than what they used to be a year ago, ever since I ditched wearing slippers at home. All the leg work in yoga works from the feet up so I have better grounding as well as control over my toes. Perhaps that may explain the ease of running on the streets without any shoes.

Some observations
– it felt as though a great weight was lifted off my feet.
– felt lesser impact on my knees.
– my legs lifted easier and my stride was better.
– landing on my feet felt surer and springing off the ground was instinctive.
– despite the shoes in my hands, running felt effortless and natural.

This was just one run so it is not conclusive and I don’t know if there will be any discomfort later. But for a maiden run, it was liberating and the compulsive part of my head wants to latch on to it. This was not on my plan but I think I may run barefoot on some shorter runs and see how it goes.

Just for today, I came back with feet as black as coal and a smile in my heart.