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So I’ve been a runner for a while now and it is no longer quite the struggle to get out and run. What next?

The other day I was at a lunch party and the hostess kept introducing me as a marathoner and I kept saying “actually half marathoner”. After a point, I stopped correcting her and started toying with the idea of actually running a full marathon. That was last Sunday and this Sunday marked the completion of Week 1 of training.

I intend to incorporate my yoga practice and food habits along with the running. I’ve also allowed myself the freedom to not do it at all if it is at too great a cost to my physical and mental well-being. A similar thinking helped me kick a nasty nicotine habit a few years back. For now, it’s just getting through one week at a time. I’m not sure if I will sign up for an event or just run it on my own. All I know is that I am in training.

Week 1 went 5k, 8k, 3k, 12.5k. Nothing spectacular just regular spadework. I did get in hill repeats and my focus for now is just sticking to a weekly plan.
Yoga practice has been by the book in the mornings. Class has become more challenging and I can feel the differences and imbalances in my structure. While most of the actions are inaccessible at present, I am also amazed at how much change has already happened. A small change is the foot action in the front and back leg in standing poses. Initially, the foot never seemed to go the way I wanted it to go but that action is a little internalised now. The foot assumes the position instinctively now. That gives me hope, that in time it will come easier.
Lately I do a short evening practice as well some days of the preparatory and supported headstands, shoulder stands and some seated poses like Baddakonasana, swastikasana, virasana and padmasana. I find the asanas that require my knees to bend actually give me lighter legs. Sometimes I throw in some hand and elbow balancing against the wall.
And some days I do nothing at all.