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Yesterday evening, I was mulling over my run for today when one of the runners from the neighborhood running group asked me if I would run with her. If it were left to me, I might have done a regular 6k and ticked it off. She wanted to run to a famous Ganesha temple and back. We’re in the midst of the 10 day long Ganesha festival and it seemed like a good idea. We started early since both of us had to be back in time to get our kids off to school.

It was a comfortable run in the dark on unfamiliar roads with barely any traffic and people. We checked with a couple of people on the way for directions since getting lost would mean additional running. On reaching the temple, we saw a massive crowd in elegant finery waiting for a darshan of  the Elephant God. Sweaty and in running clothes, we just paid our respects from the outside and headed back.

Somehow the running app didn’t quite capture our first leg but we tracked the return and a quick calculation later, figured that we both hit a PB. It was an exhilarating feeling and the bliss lasted most of the morning. Overall, my form felt better and the breathing was easier. I didn’t expect an easy run but perhaps it was a good night’s rest and some of the asanas I practised last evening.

Yesterday was a learning practice for me as I wanted to explore some of the poses to understand how they felt in different sequences and with props. I experimented with Supta padangushtasana with 2 belts, ardha chandrasana and virbhadrasana 3 with Parsvkonasana and Trikonasana as prep poses. Besides these I also practised some seated forward bends and twists. Before bed, I got into a supported Supta Virasana for 10 minutes and I woke up with light and fresh legs. I’m not any expert on Yoga but these asanas have kept me mostly pain free and also helped in improving my posture.

My ankle feels better and there appears to be a change in its structure. The earlier lumpy appearance that was present since the ligament injury a couple of years back has reduced drastically. I can see the bony protrusions again. I’ve had so many little transformations with problem areas that I believe anything is possible.

Image Courtesy: http://www.dagdushethganpati.com