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Finally hit the road after a short break. I didn’t have any expectations from today’s run as  the last few days were a little stressful on the family front with a member in the hospital. It struck me today that I don’t struggle with self doubts after a break of a few days.

Set out to do an easy 8k and there were a lot of people in my head today. I started out remembering my older girl and thinking that the playlist she made me was quite cool. Later I wondered how Mr.K was faring with his running. I looked out for that girl I met last Saturday but I suppose she must have been sleeping in. I remembered my sister miles and miles away and how she was my mental cheerleader especially when I just started running. I wanted to walk and remembered a fellow blogger friend who had the same thoughts. I saw beautiful cloudscapes and remembered another fellow blogger friend who loves clouds. I thought of Coach as my form kept slipping. I remembered Ms.A and Dr.G who are far away chasing their dreams.

It was a difficult run and a distracted one since I was not running with any focus. Running and yoga in the PMS zone is very different. I don’t have the same lightness in my body and breathing is heavier. During this period, it is easier for my mind to play games and hit the weak spots. It’s been a while since I started running with my cycles and that has made a lot of difference. While I may not achieve any great athletic feats, it keeps me balanced through the month, healthy in my body and mind. Listening to my body’s cues has given me a lot of respect for the intelligence of the body.

The last couple of miles were a struggle when I saw another runner and asked if I could tag along. He very graciously agreed so I ran with him for a bit until I just had to walk. I didn’t want to hold him back so I thanked him and told him to go on. A little later, I caught up with him again and finished my distance. I was grateful to have someone to run with as I was tired and couldn’t have pushed myself today.

Later Nike+ told me that I did negative splits! That’s a first. I’ve never been able to do that and it was only possible because of Z, today’s running partner. Turns out he has seen me a few times on my long runs. It is funny how in the last one week, I’ve run with 3 different people, all strangers. And I call myself a solo runner.