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A couple of weeks ago, I was out running with my little girl and at one point my left foot stretched beyond its capacity. This was the same foot which had a nasty ankle sprain a couple of years back. It doesn’t hurt very much while running but while at rest, it feels like those early recovery days. A nagging sort of ache.

Resting in supta virasana is painful now and that is my go to asana for tired legs especially on hard or long run days.
I can’t quite figure out if this is a getting better sort of ache or a take it easy and rest it kind. So its been business as usual but with a little extra for the ankle like some liniment oil and heat and the ankle support.

Did an easy 8k and some change since I had a bit of time this morning. I also made friends with a new runner and ran the last mile with her. I want to do hill repeats again as I feel that helped in my perceived effort being lesser in subsequent runs. But looks like life has other plans. I might not be able to even get in my regular runs. Maybe this is a good time to give that cranky ankle some rest and see if I get back to being pain free.