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Slept badly last night but I needed to get out. So out of the door and a short drive a little distance away to start running. Once I reached there, I struggled a moment to get out of my car. Tired and a little off but dragged myself out. As I was walking, I saw a young girl walking/ running. I caught up with her and asked if she had just started and she said yes. And then she proceeded to say that she saw me and wanted to talk to me about running but thought that I might think she was weird. I can totally identify with that feeling and was glad that I asked her if she wanted to run with me.
She is about 15 and it got me thinking that these were the kids who needed to be encouraged and pushed. We’ve made a plan to run on Monday morning, let’s see if she turns up.
To cut a long story short, I ran/walked with her and after she left, I turned and did a 5k or thereabouts. It was a difficult run today but it was a pleasure on two counts, helping another newbie and catching a sunshiney run. Sometimes life does throw unexpected little joys even on not so great days.