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Was supposed to be a run day but just couldn’t move. Sore all over from yesterday’s yoga class. Arms, legs, sides all in groan mode. So took the day off running but cycled around for a bit. It did get me thinking about cycling more regularly and I freewheeled into thinking about triathletes. But that’s too much work. I run because it makes me feel good and I can fit it in the chaos of my everyday life. Adding more than that at this point would just stress me out.

It rained last night and the sun was out this morning making a very pretty picture of the trees. It was a pleasure to feel the wind in my hair as I pedalled around the neighborhood trying to stay out of the way of school buses and cows. Being outdoors in the morning clears my head of yesterday and tomorrow. I feel alive here and now.

This week’s plan had to be tweaked a little to adjust for other commitments to keep a constant 4 runs a week. The pace has definitely changed, not a one off occurrence but a slow shift. It’s still a long way off but I do think if I chip away at it long enough, I will be able to get to the number I have in mind. Somewhere there is a little common sense to listen to my body (not my mind) and push when I sense an opening and go easy when it might lead to a snap.