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Got out really early and was back before the sun was up for the day. It’s been a while since I ran in the dark and the roads reminded me of last winter. It used to be empty back then and I still remember the silence and darkness of those runs. Today, there were a fair number of runners pounding the streets and a whole lot more traffic as well.

So much has changed. The local running group had 4-5 odd runners who would run regularly when I first started a couple of years ago. That group has rapidly grown to over a few hundred people and they are now a mini movement. They have been enthusiastic organizers for a few local races besides raising funds for various causes as well.
Coach was the lodestone around which the group grew. On one of our runs together, I remember asking him what was the change he wanted to see and he said that he wanted so many people to start running that they would cause a traffic jam. It’s happening already. Thankfully, they run early so cars and bikes still have some road left.

I shied away then and shy away now from running with them simply because I am not comfortable in large gatherings. I do however think of them as friendly faces and feel a sense of community since I know most of them by name. Some of them like Ms.A and Dr.G have become dear friends as well.

Musings apart, looks like I have managed to shave off nearly half a minute on my average 5k pace. That’s a surprise since I haven’t been running all that much. Perhaps those frustrating shorter runs and a slight change in my asana practice have helped to get me a little stronger. I’ve been playing with some Surya Namaskars, half hand stands and backbends along with the regular standing ones. My favourite asanas now are Parsvottanasana and all the Virabhadrasana 1,2 and 3 although the last variant is still a struggle.

Most of the time I am focused on an end result and miss seeing the progress made since the change happens gradually. And as a fellow blogger recently commented, we forget how much of a joy it is to run. That’s something I forgot in my quest for speed. The quest still remains but hopefully I will remember to keep it in perspective.