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It’s just been a couple of weeks but feels like much longer since I posted. There wasn’t much to log since I barely ran. The days were a swirl of activity and deadlines that had me burning both ends of the candle. Running got the axe. 8 days in a row with no running, the last couple of which I could have managed somehow but done is done.

I had a fun morning today with my little girl as we ran and walked, making a little race of the running sections. A couple of runs here and there earlier this week with no agenda and I’m ready to get back where I left off. Hopefully things should ease up in the coming week and running need not get sidelined.

It was easier when I was training for an event, the runs just had to be logged. Without a fixed goal, it is easy to let a couple of missed runs drag into a week’s worth of no runs. Somewhere there is a change as well in how I feel and react to sliding back. I have a more realistic view of a break from running compared to a year ago when I would spin an entire drama about how my running was finished.

Recently came across “Fall down seven times, get up eight” and it connected immediately with the runner inside.