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In my head, I behaved like my little girl when she used to throw a tantrum. I want what I want and I want it NOW. I was mad at myself this morning for not being able to run fast for as long as I had planned.

Once the noise in my head subsided, I could be reasonable. I wanted to chuck this whole endeavour and just run but some stubborn streak thought that I should give it some time, say 90 days at least. If it still feels like a pointless exercise, I can choose to let it go.

I saw one of the runners from around the place walking, turns out he has a knee issue. Watching him from behind, I saw the same pattern of movement that I have. One foot turning inward and the other out. That’s what I am trying to correct, the change has to happen at the hip level and that will take a while, a long while. I like running but I also like to have my life in balance and am loathe to get too sore or tired to function effectively through the day.

Maybe what I can do is scale down. Instead of even the 5-6ks, drop to a mile or two and see if I can do it more times a week. I’m guessing the boredom of the same route and distance will push me to get faster and hopefully I can slowly increase the distance.