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3 out of 4 runs, Monday through Sunday.
It seems like a yo-yo with this project and I’m lethargic about posting. There is no exciting news, just shin splints, sore knees and some pain in my lower back. The head knows all this is to be expected but my first reaction is groan and moan to myself. This is a long term goal and the initial days are going to hurt. It’s just how it is.

I’m fairly satisfied with my foot work and the elbow swing is also starting to feel more natural. It’s the alignment of my hips that’s out of whack. I increase speed and the legs do their own twist and my knees and shins whine. Perhaps I should check my footwear. I was running in an older pair all of last week.

I do go through moments where I wonder if this is such a bright idea. Last week was a little hectic on the work and family front and my runs got skewed heavily to the weekend. I am yet to find my optimum balance with the changes in my daily routine. Perhaps I need to revisit my run days to accommodate other things.

After Monday, I hit the road only on Saturday. My little girl came with me forย a short mile and we went to the park nearby post our fun run. She happily played while I did a few 100m sprints since the place was practically empty. I was glad she agreed to come with me since the monkeys were beginning to rear their nonsensical heads.

Yesterday, I got out to do a 10k. Did a reasonable 6.5k after which I walked/ran for a bit and then just walked. Every time I ran a little after that, my shins and knees protested. The 3k and 5k marks were good. Post the 6k mark was where the strain started to show. It feels like beginning all over again. I suppose I should put the long runs away for a bit atleast until the 5ks are under control. It doesn’t seem like too much of a sacrifice, more like a question of whether I will be able to  longer distances if I don’t get out atleast once a week.