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Once a week run with Mr.K generally happens over the weekend. Today’s run was an easy one with the focus on running right and constant.

It has been a pleasure to watch his progress from run/walk to continuous running. I am reminded of my own beginnings. Running forces you to remember the struggles and each little milestone is earned with sweat and stubbornness. Everytime I don’t quit and take another step, my ability to endure grows a little more.

Now that I am working on my basics, it is good practice to share it with someone. I will be forced to remember it myself. The foot work seems to be getting into some sort of rhythm. I can feel my arches when I work the feet and my calves feel lighter too. It was easier today compared to the last couple of runs where it felt like a lot of effort. Perhaps the feet are getting used to being an active part of the run besides the easier pace.

It sounds a bit strange but my feet have changed, they seem to have grown longer. I was at a shoe store today and my usual size was too snug. The next size was perfect. Maybe it is all the extending of the soles of the feet that has sort of unlocked their true size. It’s too late for my feet to be growing.