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My butt hurts. Period. Yesterday’s yoga class was mostly standing asanas but with more intensity. All that “move your buttocks” just unlocked a whole lot of muscle whose existence was blissfully hidden. Beginner days again. Just when I think I get one action right, the other goes out of whack.

Rolled out of bed and out of the door before I made excuses to stay in. Today’s focus was to get my feet to land correctly and peel off. It’s a different motion from my usual lazy shuffle and the legwork feels different. Maybe it need not take as long as I think it will to change the old pattern. It is just a matter of tapping into the feel for that action.

The elbow work got tossed out of the window trying to look at my feet as did the pelvic and hip work. Hoped to finish before bumping into Coach but there he was on the other side of the road with, “swing your elbows” and off I scooted. All these different actions feel very unnatural right now but should hopefully become second nature.

Met Mr.B on his cycle while I was walking back home and jogged alongside while catching up. It’s been a while since we bumped into each other and he said something that summed up what I feel every time I get out. He said, “Seeing all the usual faces just feels like everything is on an even keel.”