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A quick morning run with Coach and got my homework set for the coming weeks. It was less of a run and more of a checking out of the areas I need to target to be a faster runner. I’ve not been able to answer why I want to get fast. I don’t intend to run any races or win any accolades. I search inside and all I get is, I want to see how far I can go. Lots of donkey work ahead to be a cheetah and my brain is interested in the process.

There is a little understanding of the imbalances in my structure and now I have been given cues to work on them with respect to running. I will run slow for a period while I correct my landing, elbow swing etc. Another adjustment will have to be with the breath.

Abhyasa. Running and yoga, yoga and running. The process is the same, dedicated practice. I’m working on a seesaw here with keeping running and yoga close. Sometimes they clash violently but I am unwilling to let go of either for now. Let’s see how far this river flows.