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“Cheetah running like a donkey”
I can’t help grinning at the image this phrase conjures up.

Finally, asked Coach to help me with running faster and he repeated what he always does, “you are meant for speed” and then went on to say, “you are like a cheetah trying to run like a donkey”. It is an image I would like to erase before it becomes stuck in my head. 🙂

It’s going to be hard, I expect to be exhausted and I’m probably going to want to give up at many points but I also know that there is a certain readiness to take on this phase. If nothing else, I could tap into my mule like stubbornness. Perhaps there is something to that donkey bit…

While there is a goal, I haven’t set a time frame as I am willing to put the spade work and let the change happen in its own time. It is frightening and exciting all at once.

Mentoring a new runner is also responsible for wanting to improve myself. A lot of insights about my form came through sweating on the mat. And the beauty is that the learning never ends. I feel like an artist, discovering new nuances and a scientist when I see my observations validated.