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It is rainy and cold. I don’t feel like it. It is not worth the washing to run short distances. (Sounds silly even as I think it)

Excuses aplenty. Nonetheless I got out and decided to do a quick loop. Bumped into Coach too but the difference this time was that I didn’t need a push. A good teacher does that, ignites the spark inside.

Perhaps it is life nudging me to do short quick runs, something I was not very keen on doing. The recent 2-3k runs have been on roads I used to run when I first began running and my phone is my new running partner. It helps in making me work on my pace which has picked up a bit but the work is slow.

Abhyasa-vairagya at work. Practice pays off, you smile, acknowledge a milestone and then move on. The moment of satisfaction is fleeting and only the practice remains.

It’s just a matter of getting out and doing the best I can. Some days it means just taking a step out of the door.

running under a canopy... one of the advantages of running with a phone

running under a canopy… one of the advantages of running with a phone