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After my maiden 5k, I believed that maybe I could run farther and longer. It was a magical number that I passed through to discover that all the reasons to stop me from running were no longer valid. And slowly I started to change and become interested in seeing how far my body and mind could go.

Running brought me many gifts in many unexpected ways. I found yoga, friends on the road and in the virtual space, a healthier lifestyle and most importantly it got me to write regularly. Good runs, bad runs, average runs, no runs- they all added up and taught me the value of a regular practice. Running toughened me and softened me at the same time. It connected me to my breath and the ground beneath my feet.

Today, I ran with Mr.K on his first 5k  and it was a very gratifying experience to share in his running journey. One day not too long ago, I was where he is and I had someone push me to taste the euphoria of my first 5k. A big thank you to Coach for opening up the road to running for me. This day wouldn’t have been possible without him.