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Plan in place.
Reveille on time.
Feet out of the door.

Ready to start running and I hear feet pounding. I look back and see a buffalo on the move. He’s going zig zag and the strays in the vicinity lose their heads barking and chasing him. This only got the poor guy scared and running pell mell.

All that barking frightened me too and I bolted in the opposite direction. For a brief moment, I contemplated going back but decided that some running was better than no running. 5k got crunched into a fast 3.5k.  Little wonder it felt like an effort. I thought it was the humidity and head wind but turns out my legs just worked hard.

Walked back and saw the same buffalo swerving about and quickly got out of his way. But guess I owe him thanks for making me run like I was being chased.