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While running was sputtering, my asana practice was on track. A pared down routine, just repeating what was taught in class. 
My practice at home usually involves

1. Tadasana
2. A round of Urdhva hastasana, urdhva baddanguliyasana, namaskarasana , uthita hasta padasana as a warm up before I plunge into
3. Trikonasana
4. Vriksasana
5. Virbhadrasana 2
6. Parsvkonasana
7. Uttanasana
8. Virbhadrasana 1
9. Parsvottanasana
10. Prasarita Padottasana

Sometimes I also include
– Dandasana
– Upavishta konasana
– Baddakonasana
– Padangushta dandasana
– Padahasta dandasana
– Paschimottanasana

Generally, Setuband Sarvangasana becomes my savasana.

It is difficult to be mechanical about practising the same set of asanas since every week we explore some other area to focus on in the same pose. The standing poses strengthen and stretch my legs and arms and help me discover my body. As a runner, my legs take a fair bit of of load and these asanas help to keep it light and loose. It is fascinating and humbling to simply stand straight and watch the play of weight on both the feet.

Sometimes I miss the excitement of different poses and the almost instantaneous effects of certain types of asanas but this is necessary groundwork to build a sound base.
Reminds me of what Coach would say, “Master the route”. I could add, ” Master Tadasana”.