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Today was supposed to be the start of the fixed plan but I did not run.
Yesterday evening I did something very out of character. I fixed up to go this morning with a running acquaintance . I woke up and saw a message that she couldn’t go today.  So I went right back to float in and out of slumber. Guess I work best alone.

While mulling over the goal, I remembered Dr.G and her 108 days of running project. That got me thinking that perhaps I could fix a day 108 days from tomorrow. While checking the calendar, I saw that it was quite close to a significant date in my life. Perhaps a sign, perhaps nothing but it works to bring direction.

So back to a plan.
Goal: a happy half-marathon

Fixed run days-  Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
Yoga class on Wednesdays

At present it seems daunting to get started since I’ve been falling off the running wagon so frequently. The reasons are aplenty, all valid but really, no excuse. The bright side is I still get up even if it is only to be knocked down again.