The difference between yesterday and today was glaring.

Yesterday was a struggle. Less than a couple of minutes into the run, I wanted to give up and give in to all the chaos in my head. But the stubborn streak in me decided that I would do the distance, come what may. It was just a run to let off some steam but at the rate at which I was going, there was no steam. Only silent screams.

Today was radically different. I bumped into Mr.K yesterday who asked if I could run with him and we agreed to go together today. It was very gratifying to be able to help someone besides reminding me of the basics and why I like to run. After we were done, I ran back home and it felt good to just let loose and run without thinking.

The last couple of weeks have been heavy as far as life stresses go and a lot of the small things that I would do fell off in the scramble to get through the day. Maintaining my daily log, even if it is just 5 sentences, restful sleep, writing and reading took a hit. These are things that allow perspective in my everyday moments.

Sometimes being unmanageable is good. It brings me back to the basics, one step at a time.