I had a weeklong break from running and it was good. The monkeys did try to raise their voices when I hit the road but it was just an insignificant murmur that faded out before it even started. I could dip into my past experience and go through the process of getting back without the drama in my head. Most of the time, it is because of my stubborn pride that doesn’t want to display my struggles.

One of the things that keeps me running is seeing how certain actions in asana can work during the motion of running.
As a woman runner, some of the first areas to go when fatigue sets in are the shoulders, knees and back. In fact, almost all the women I have seen hunch their shoulders when they are tired, their knees tend to rotate outwards (usually on one leg) and the back sort of caves in.

Since I am not a fast runner, I focus on my body when I run, looking at how I can retrain it into symmetry. There have been small changes, such as a straighter back, more open shoulders, stronger arms and little arches getting carved in my feet. The motivation here is not so much on the appearance of my limbs as it is on their optimal functioning. Pliable yet strong.

Today I tried something that I had put off for a while. I ran up and down an incline, still reluctant to call it a hill repeat because I think a hill needs to be really steep. But I suppose this is a beginning and maybe I am ready now.