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The initial plan was to get in a nice long run today, which got revised to an easy 8k last night which finally ended up in deciding not to run at all. In my books, this is good change.

I had an opportunity to make it to a yoga class in Mumbai and it was exhilarating for more reasons than one. I was missing my regular class and this was a great opportunity to work with a teacher. Secondly, I did a supported handstand for the first time! I learnt a lot of the basics and slightly different ways of using the props. We also did some deep backbends which always leave me feeling happy.

All in all a day in the clouds until late evening when muscle soreness began to set in. But this is delicious soreness, an awakening of new awareness. Now I can narrow down the soreness to an area rather than just thinking my butt hurts. I think gluteus medius. 🙂

I woke up stiff and sore and thankfully sanity prevailed. Sometimes the best thing I can do is not run. There is always tomorrow.