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On the surface, nothing seems to have changed. I still run, practice my asanas and get about my day to day life. The runs have been of a “fake it to make it” sort. Since it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with the running, I decided to experiment with the breath while running. Thank you Welshman for prodding me to rethink.

Did a 10k where I managed to breathe through the nose for almost 75% of the run. The next day, I managed almost 90% of a 6k breathing exclusively through the nose.

It was a little difficult in the beginning but I suppose keeping the tongue resting on the lower jaw helped in relaxing the panic. It is still too early to conclude anything but for now this works on dealing with my running lows and keeping me satisfied that I am not going against the breath.

Asana practice has been a mixed bag, a few good practices and a dismal one. In retrospect, the not so great one helped me to get back with renewed vigor. After today’s practice, I have a new favourite asana- tadasana. I experienced the movement of energy in my arms and legs. My eureka moment.

I can see how all the practice which seems warped at the time lead up to small milestone moments. It is amazing how once a base is settled, the body automatically opens up a next layer.