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Yesterday’s class ended with a choice of sarvangasana, viparita dandakarani or setuband sarvangasana. We were to maintain the pose for 10 minutes with a bandage wrapped around the eyes.

Most of the time when given a choice I pick setuband sarvangasana with 2 bricks. I find it energizing and restorative at the same time.
Initially, wrapping my eyes shut would bring a mild panic attack since I just had to see and control. I could not relax my eyes when I had to close them in savasana or for the invocation before class. They would flicker madly and the more I wanted them to stay still, the faster they moved. But lately, it is easier to let go.

Resting the tongue on the lower jaw almost instantly relaxes my throat and ears and eyes. I use this through the day when I remember and the effects are striking. Most of the time, the tongue remains plastered to the roof of my mouth and when I rest it is when I sense just how tense my head feels.

Running update
Wednesday 5.5k + 1.5k with Dr.G.
Friday 5.8k with Dr.G and Ms.A, two lovely young runners.
Coach was right when he said someday you will run with people.