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Over the last few months, I can see a pattern emerging as far as PMS goes. It is amazing how the ebb and flow of hormones gives cues to adjust the mind and body. Nature has beautifully factored in a natural rest period for women amidst the constant load of everyday life. Little modifications in food and regular asana practice go a long way in keeping the physical and mental discomforts at bay.

I’ve followed a running pattern that is similar to yoga practice through the month.

No runs on Days 1-3
Easy runs Days 4-7
Strong runs Days 8-22
Easy runs Days 23-28

There have been fewer discomforts associated with PMS. Even the cravings for certain kinds of foods during this time has waned. Understanding the tendencies of my mind has made it easier to cope with the random emotional fluctuations. I believe asana practice brought this change.

5k around 31 odd minutes.

Walk Run with my young friend, Dr. G down some beautiful roads. The trees were a riot of colors and the air was full of birdsong. These sounds and smells remind me of childhood summer holidays.
I felt tired in the evening and modified my home practice into a short restorative one. At the end of it, I fell asleep in savasana. That has never happened before!

5k with Dr.G. Around 31 odd minutes. I was a little tired by the end.

Day off.