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Had the rug pulled from under my feet in class. I froze in one section of the class and just couldn’t continue for a while. It was a strange space to be in since I do a separate set of asanas from the class at times without feeling lost.

Couldn’t get out for a run as the little one was unwell and up just as I was leaving.

Little K didn’t go to school and came to yoga class instead. She was quite the helper, assisting the teachers with props etc. The ropes fascinated her and she imitated the adults warming up. The expression on her face was one of eagerness and joy. Something to remember in my practice.

Got out for a run but just couldn’t get my legs to move. I sat on the steps outside a shop and let my mind run out of steam.

A gruelling 8k in Mumbai. I sweated a year’s worth in an hour. It was hard running after a break and the humidity was high but I felt good afterwards. Exhausted and dehydrated but it felt cleansing to sweat it all out.

Decided to run by the sea at Bandstand, Bandra and it was the best thing I did in a long time. A beautiful run followed by breakfast and coffee and a pleasant drive back home. 90 minutes of blissful me time.
A lovely day that ended with a good home practice that allowed me to get into tolasana for the first time, my moment of awe.

Got delayed so no run, went for a walk though. Lot of resistance to run when people are out. I thought I was over this phase.

An energetic class with some hand balances, urdhva dhanurasana which was longer and deeper and some forward bends. Balancing asanas are light hearted and playful, not rigid. I felt the difference in the 90 degree full arm balance and its variation today. Still a long way off from a full hand stand but I hope to get there some day.
Got pulled up by Coach as well for sliding back on the plan.

All in all, a week of shaking things loose. Some running, some not running, yoga class, a couple of days off from home practice and lot of stuff to experience and examine.

A break in running gets me off track and starts me questioning myself. This despite knowing that I need to complete the next leg which is running faster. It is easy to let it slide since there is no timeframe to meet that goal.

In my asana practice, I can sense shifts with my alignment, a sort of breaking down of accumulated knots that allow me more range of movement. Slowly, a lot of small changes have become new habits. In practice, I never know what the mat brings and every time is different.