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Ever since I can remember, I’ve worn slippers or shoes whether at home or out. Simply because I like clean feet. Walking around barefooted results in dirty feet, marks on the floor and having to wash up before climbing into bed. Now that I think about it, little wonder that I couldn’t feel my feet.

It’s been a while since I slowly started to walk around without slippers at home. I can sense how my weight rests on my legs, how I tilt without knowing etc. As a result, there is greater watchfulness in how I stand. I often find myself spreading my toes (another instruction in class) and notice how it seems easier on the right foot and tough on the left. Feeling my feet gives me a little more grounding when I practice standing asanas. Spreading my toes makes me sensitive to the actions in my leg muscles and I feel an evenness on both sides of my legs. There also seems to be a little more stability in my ankles, which have a tendency to twist.