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Most of my life, I gravitated towards older people. Somehow I found it easier to relate to age than youth.

Running introduced me to a few young women who are a delight to be with. Its refreshing to hear stuff from a different perspective and deeply satisfying to pass on what I have learnt. I think they like to come over and spend some time chatting and I like to have them over as well. Maybe it’s the coffee they dig and I imagine it being a magical concoction that invites people into my life.

My dad was kind to the point of being thought of as naive but as I grow older I find myself thinking along those lines. He was a happy man and never really bothered about the practical aspects of raising a family. He kept the home in a state of perpetual openness to anyone considered a friend. We had old folks, youngsters, children all stopping by to say hello.

My new young friends remind me of the youngsters who used to visit my parents. Back then, I couldn’t understand why the young folks would come over but now I think I know. I smile when I realize that I am hitting that life stage where I would be considered middle aged. No longer burdened by a need to please, it is enjoyable to run alongside the next generation.

6k with a young friend.