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Running with my little girl always makes me happy and smiley. Inevitably, we walk/run and chat about a whole bunch of stuff, mostly to do with things like stones, birds, trees, flowers, animals, clouds, mud and the like. (Some of my favorite things too!) Sometimes she throws in a topic like global warming and catches me by surprise.

Little K is a free spirit and her running is one of sheer abandon and joy. You cannot help but get carried along in her exuberance. Initially, she was quite fast and I had to actually sprint to keep up with her. She would decide where to start running and where we would stop and I just went along for the ride. Running with her is a great way to refresh all the reasons I run. Kids really have it sorted.

I had originally thought of doing a lone 8k but she made me promise to take her last night. How could I deny the little soul the pleasure of the road?

We ran together for about 2.5k and then she got picked up by her dad, leaving me to run the rest of the way. It was a beautiful morning and I took one of my favorite roads to come back. I walked/ ran the last couple of km as I was feeling a little winded. Today’s run was part of getting into regular run mode anyways. Tomorrow is another day of basics and then it is time to get running seriously. It’s been too long since I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.