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A 10k run for fun, down some of my favorite roads. It is good to be out of the funk that I was in. I never imagined I would run this distance for fun.

Breathing is so different while running and during yoga. Another basic difference is the contact of the feet, shoe clad and bare.

While I run, most of the time, it’s just the legs and breathing. It’s easy to let the rest of the body just ride. That got me thinking about how to improve running by engaging every part of my being.

In yoga class, trikonasana, which is a standing pose is transformed into a pose that engages the entire body. Right from the toes to the neck and eyes. Initially, the challenge was to just stand without toppling over. Then slowly I could start looking at the trunk extension, the pelvic alignment, the length of the neck, the opening of the chest etc. I still have a warped pose and while I know I have to watch out for these basic adjustments, I struggle. I persist in the hope that it will get better with practice.

All in all, a happy day. I found some old music that kept me singing happily as I drove around on errands.

Thur, 4th Mar- Yoga class
Fri, 5th Mar- no run. Home yoga practice.
Sat, 6th Mar-10.2k (1:07:06)