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Sometimes there really is no excuse.  I was up and ready but didn’t want to get out. The door seemed like an obstacle, one that I didn’t want to cross. But open it, I did.

I told myself that I would see how I feel and will walk although I would feel horrid about it afterwards. So, I took my reluctant legs and dragged them. It was cold as well which didn’t help matters. How did I manage at the height of winter?

I was shuffling along when Coach was on his way to the local running group and I got the first push I needed. He just told me to start running. The mutiny in my head did not want to listen but then my feet started to run and it transitioned into autopilot. It was brrrr cold and my fingers were frozen in no time. I ran to the halfway mark on the 5k route and turned back. Just when it was getting to the point that I would slack, I met Mr.B on his cycle. He’s the cyclist gentleman who I pass by most days. We stopped and chatted for a minute and that gave me the next push till I completed my run.

Mr.B is someone I pass on my runs since more than a year as he takes the same route. In my initial days, he was a familiar face and an imaginary friend. Once I was off running for a bit and he noticed enough to comment on the absence when I hit the road again . That’s when I realized that familiar faces are reassuring to all who are out. It took a long while to get to the point where we exchanged names. He was the one person that I stopped to tell about completing my first half marathon. I don’t know anything about him but felt like he was a well wisher. So I shared my milestone and he was happy. That was breaking a pattern.

On my second leg of today’s run, I remembered one of the instructions in my yoga class. “Don’t do a dead pose.” Today was not a dead run. There was awareness on the breath and the form. I don’t know how much time I took but then I didn’t know if I would run in the first place. It was a good run, balanced and even paced.