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Typing a post to publish doesn’t come easily when I don’t run. Maintaining a detailed log however happens almost religiously. The log has moved from a quantitative format to a more subjective one as I pay attention to the movements of the mind as well.  I’ve shied from putting up too much detail of my asana practice as I am still learning and struggling to understand the nuances.

However, I’ve found myself in a position where I have shared what I know with a few women runners. My biggest worry is that they might hurt themselves as I am not a teacher. At the same time, I believe that some of the asanas I practiced helped with happier knees, lighter legs and perhaps they could find the same relief.

Initially I did just a few poses. They were

Supta padangushtasana and variations
Adho mukho svasana
Surya Namaskars

I practised these in the evenings as best as I knew them. Most of them were hard and I could barely get any level of stability in any of them. I would do these poses once on each side but made it a point to do so everyday I ran. I am woefully lacking in these even today but I persist and feel encouraged by the changes I notice.

Slowly I found that the heaviness I felt on my right was easing up. Shin splints stopped being an issue and I was able to run taller and straight.

Another lesson I took away from the mat was working with my monthly cycles. I used the same principles of rest during the period, push hard for a couple of weeks after the period stops and then ease up in the premenstrual zone.

I haven’t transformed into a phenomenal athlete and still struggle with good days and bad ones. But change has taken root.

There used to be a sign on the route I run that springs to mind, “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut, that held its ground.”
I am that nut.