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Fear stops me from letting go. I had a very long gap of not running and what was really bothering me was the pain I anticipated. The pain of losing my breath, pace etc. Fear in one area trickles into other areas. My yoga practice at home has a twinge of it sometimes these days. I believe it is related to the fear that was preventing me from running.

More often than not, I know what needs to be done but sometimes I need to hear it from someone else. So I called up Coach and asked for help. It was simple. Do the distance tomorrow.

So out of the door it was and back home. Just like that. The monkeys came along for the ride but I realized that somewhere along the way, my curiosity kicked them away. So it was checking on how I was breathing, how my body was moving etc. At the end of the run, I couldn’t really remember how I passed the mile markers. I realized that my legs are stronger now. They don’t feel the strain of the little gradients.

Running and yoga together help me understand my misalignments better. Lately, I was resisting the thought of mixing the two since yoga is not just doing asanas for me. But then I went back to my initial days of yoga class and how a few asanas gave me relief with running aches. At that point it was very much a physical practice but I derived benefit.

In my class, I generally choose a place at the back since I can observe all kinds of poses. Seeing how other bodies work and their alignment issues and adjustments gives me material to study and experiment with. It has also allowed me to see how people in general move around.

Mileage: 5.7k (approx 37m)