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I’ve been in semi retreat mode amidst the chaos of everyday life, happy to be quiet. There’s a fullness in this silence and it would be very easy to slip away when no one is looking. But it is not time yet. I still have miles to go before I can vanish.
Thank you AJ for getting me to put thought to keypad and stay connected.
Running has sort of taken a back seat at present. I still head out and do a couple of runs a week but it’s on the back burner. Health has been a bit of an issue the last month with the neck flare up and a small bout of the viral. On the mend now so hopefully I should be running more often.
I’ve been regular with yoga though and the classes are getting more interesting. We have been working with the breath and somehow the asanas make a little more sense now. I can see how some of them lend themselves to preparing for pranayam.
Another fascinating subject that has piqued my interest is Ayurveda and I am beginning to see how it relates with the body and mind.
My bedside reading is a motley collection of yoga, philosophy and ayurveda and for the first time ever, there are notations and notes in them. Writing in a book other than a text book was a complete no all my life. I guess that means I’m a student once again.