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Running during PMS is a good time to take stock of base capability. The last three runs have been fairly easy and my average 5k pace was around 6:24. Now that this level is established, the focus is to work on calibrating 6:10 as the new base level. Looking back at my previous runs, I realized that running longer distances made my legs stronger and while I was not running fast then, it has made me a wee bit faster now. The challenge when running faster is really the breath, my legs don’t feel the strain.
Just reading what I typed makes me smile. I never expected to find myself deconstructing my runs.
As far as my home practice goes, I am primarily working on my standing asanas. Every time I am on the mat, I realize how much of a disconnect there is between my body and my mind. I persist because I know that when I have practiced enough, it will happen. All the effort I put in today will make it an effortless effort some day.

5k- 32:14