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Since the half, I haven’t run more than 5k and the old doubts were creeping in. Put them to bed with today’s easy 8k. I was glad to complete the distance without needing to stop since the pain was only a niggle.
While running today, I could finally create my plan for the next couple of weeks.
Today’s home yoga practice was a mixed bag. After the standing asanas, I did some twists and backbends before savasana. Generally, I use the soft moments once my body has quietened to think about one or two things that I would like to change in myself. It struck me today that I could use that moment to work on healing myself as well.
Every time I am on the mat, I get to see how much I need to practice. One thing that has helped me stay consistent is a mental offering of my practice, flawed though it be, to my teachers, eternal and mortal.

8k- 53:16