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Hit the road after a week and it’s only when I was walking that I realized how much I missed the quiet, dark roads and watching the day come alive.

Truth be told, I was a little apprehensive about running since it has been so long. Luckily, a friend said that she would join me so it was easier to sort of slide back. Having company meant that the monkey in my head could not grab hold of my thoughts.
Managed a 5k until the neck started to groan. In my books, it is an improvement as previously I would manage about 3 or 4 before I had to stop when I had a flare-up.

The next task in my running story is to get faster. It is still something I am resistant to do despite knowing and experiencing the need for it. Coach has suggested running shorter and faster and has instructed tempo runs, hill repeats and interval training and the mere thought makes me want to run in the opposite direction.

All I have done so far is run without any agenda except distance. At the thought of doing something I perceive as difficult, stress comes into play. The monkey starts whispering maybe you should just concentrate on yoga.

That’s when I know that I need running to maintain my yoga discipline. Running made it possible to get dedicated to a regular yoga practice. The lessons of one have lend itself to the other and vice versa. As I straddle both these paths, my thought and behavior patterns get clearer, making change a possibility.

28th Jan, Wed- a few light neck relieving asanas at home. Heat and rest.

29th Jan, Thur- yoga class. Did forward bends. It left me feeling quietly alert. Since I felt better, I got back to my usual level of activity which in retrospect was not such a brilliant idea.

30th Jan, Fri- Neck acted up a bit. Home practice to soothe the neck. Also, practiced some stuff that we did in class the previous day. It’s not the same at home.  The collective energy of the class and the precise instructions of the teacher make it seem almost effortless.

31st Jan, Sat- 5k.