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This last day and a half has been a time to indulge in some reading, writing and viewing.
The changed daily routine of the last week threw many things out of gear and I’m slowly getting them all to come together. A little at a time. Times of forced breaks are good to take stock and make the necessary adjustments.

My response to the neck this time is very different from the earlier flare ups. There is a little understanding and patience to stay and observe and do what is necessary. I am willing to experiment with my body and this has taken the fear out of the pain. It is an opportunity to study my weaknesses and work on them.
I believe that my neck issue can be sorted with a sincere yoga practice. One of the students in class had a similar issue and he can do headstands now. It’s just a matter of practice.
As far as running is concerned, I need to have a plan in place to get me out regularly.