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This month has been a series of endurance events as far as life stresses go and something had to give.
The neck went into violent spasm in class today while doing a really basic stretch. My first thought was not now. The second thought was thankfully it happened now.
I’ve been wanting a little down time for a while but wasn’t able to take time out since I had house guests, a sick parent, increased work commitments and household chores. I finally got my time and space and was all geared up to get things in order when life decided I needed to stop.
This one is just like the last nasty bout when I had to go through traction. Rest and treatment (heat, topical medicine and muscle relaxants) is what I needed then and its what I am giving myself now.

23rd Jan, Friday – Decided to sleep in. Didn’t want to go for a run.
24th Jan, Saturday: 5k walk/run with my little girl. Again, I didn’t want to go but I had a fun time with her. We chatted about random stuff and had a really nice morning.
25th Jan, Sunday: 4k walk/run. I had to push myself out today as well. I did something different. I alternated between running fast and walking.
A good yoga practice in the evening. 
26th Jan, Monday: nothing.