It’s back into routine with the two yoga classes done for this week besides a short run. Didn’t really do anything on Sunday and Monday other than some relaxing for the legs and ankles.

20th Jan, Tuesday – yoga class.
Took it easy, the practice was to loosen up.
I gave myself an oil massage. It’s been something¬† I’ve been doing at least once a week since a couple of months. It has helped relieve muscle soreness and fatigue especially after intensive classes or runs.
After the half, the aches were in the Achilles tendon and the groin area. Minimal ache in the lower calves.

21st Jan, Wednesday- a short 4.5k to test the body. The legs were fine. I was nauseous though. In fact, there has been nausea since Monday. Felt it during yoga class as well.

22nd Jan, Thursday- a little more intensive class, back bends. I have a lot of stuff to do before I can do some of the back bends. The class did a drop back into urdhva dhanurasana. I attempted it but couldn’t manage, not ready yet.
There is a certain plateauing at present where it seems like nothing is happening. Experience has shown that these periods are a launch point for newer lessons as well as opportunities to apply older ones. These phases are also times when I start to get impatient and intolerant. My ego gets in the way and I am not able to be present.
One part of the mind wants to rebel while the other is watching. This is a strange suspension, a different experience.