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I don’t quite know where to begin. Maybe at the end.
I finished my first half marathon in Mumbai. How do I feel about it? OK. I didn’t walk so that was good. I finished under 2:30, not great but not bad for a first time.
I had my hyperventilating moments especially at the start with people all around me. It was dismay when I got to the entry point and had to move with the crowd to security and there on to the holding area. Most people were in groups and some were rather noisy.  Once I crossed the mat, I stuck to the extreme right and pretty much stayed there. There were a lot of run/walk folks so it was a little inconvenient when people sort of slowed up suddenly in front and some of the narrow sections brought on the claustrophobia again.
I had the sea on my right through quite a few stretches and that was calming. I just watched the waters and ran.
Running this event just reinforced my thought that I should stick to being alone or maybe one or two people.
The elite runners were beautiful. They were like the wind. I wonder how it is for them. What thoughts flit through their mind as they run?
All I could think of was I am not going to walk even if I run slower than I walk. I also told myself it was just another run so that got me checking on my posture and breathing. Looking out for my friend on the other side meant a few kilometers just passed like that. I did hit a rough patch where I didn’t want to continue but it was a fleeting thought. Stopping or walking was not an option.
I sipped on water all along the way, it’s much more humid here and warm to boot as well. There were spots where I wished I could get my T-shirt off. After running in the cold, this was a bit of a shock.
I would like to do another 21 properly when I get back home. This was ticking off an item on my bucket list.
Coach talks about running fast and today I finally understood why practically. The head understood the logic but the body did not.
Physically there is not much soreness, at least not yet. But my feet ache and my tendons have woken up as well.  I got my shoes off and walked a couple of kilometers to the car. It felt nicer than wearing shoes. I have never walked barefoot outside, except at the beach. Got me thinking if I should try running without shoes some day?
Plan to practice for half an hour in the evening. That should take care of the stretching. Perhaps meet a few friends in the evening but the thought of climbing all the stairs here makes me think again. I just want to go home.