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The Mumbai marathon is in about 24 hours and my mind wants to get into freak out mode. I have signed up for one of the largest events in the country, one where a few thousands will be running. My mini panic zone begins right there, at the thought of the sea of people and the noise that will be generated. Running has been a primarily solitary and quiet activity for me all this while.
Its the monkey on my back that wants to wreak merry hell and I am watching it. It whispers stuff like you haven’t run enough, you might forget how to run, you will not complete the distance yada yada. I hear the chatter and let that wave ride past.
The rational part knows that once my feet get moving I will be OK. It knows that a break from running a lot actually makes me run better. Sanity says that its just one step at a time, one foot at a time.
So I sip on my coffee and watch the drama unfold in my head. Thankfully its just drama. It’s not real.
It would be interesting to see what I really feel tomorrow. At present, it’s just speculation, what I think I will feel.
I will get out for a walk.
I will go to the expo and collect my bib.
I will eat well and rest well.
I will catch up with a few friends.