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It’s been a hard week, one where I juggled more work, family commitments, intense yoga classes and a few runs. Also, it’s the PMS zone.  There are a few changes and a lot of identification of the triggers that build the internal pressure. One of the sure shot indicators is the neck flare up.

An interesting thing is a willingness to experiment with pain. Its not the immediate resistance and shutting down to protect but embracing it to see what lies along. 
A sense of curiosity to delve deeper, understand better. As long as this spirit of enquiry remains, I believe I will continue to learn. The thing about working with my teachers has been about listening to them implicitly and explicitly. All my opinions and thoughts are kept aside. Eventually most questions are answered as I practice more. 

5th Jan, Mon: 5k (31.40)
6th Jan, Tue: yoga
Worked on shoulder opening and lengthening the spine. I actually felt the difference through the day. It was sort of like walking taller and unrestricted. It literally gave me more breathing room
7th Jan, Wed: Run did not happen. Was supposed to be 12k.
8th Jan, Thur: Yoga
Standing asanas. I was really glad to have this class as I struggle with these fundamental poses. We worked with the pelvic alignment and stretching the muscles on the leg in a balanced way. Net result light knees and no strain in holding the trikonasana or uthita padangushtasana. We also did padmasana and it was again amazing how much easier it was on the knees.
Through my practice, I end up working on my mind. On the mat, my physical limitations are the best indication of my mental state.
9th Jan, Fri: 5k
10th Jan, Sat: 15k (1.42.15)
The last long run before the half next Sunday. It was dreadfully cold and I was frozen till I reached home. A decent run considering all factors. No pain or muscle soreness during or after the run but was just very cold and fatigued after the run. The neck behaved itself.

My little girl went for a run this morning and I walked while she was with the other kids. I passed by the spot where I had given up on a long run 6 odd months ago. That was when I was planning on doing a half marathon distance on my birthday. It brought a smile as I recollected how beat I felt and how I thought I would be grateful for it some day.
The training is almost done and I feel satisfied that I showed up on all those mornings. Its only when I was walking today that it struck me that I must be a little insane.
My runs were mostly alone, almost always in the dark and in dreadfully cold weather (at least the last 6-7 weeks). In retrospect, I never really felt unsafe although I was alone.

A heartfelt thank you to The Coach. It would not have been possible to get here without his help. I only hope to be able to pass it forward in whatever way I can.