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Ticked off the long run for this week. As expected, I ran slower but my focus was to run for more than 2 hours and finish the distance that I had mapped out last night. One of the homework runs.
Despite the less than perfect spadework for today’s run, I am happy to have completed what I had planned.
The neck acted up a bit towards the end and I was a little fatigued after the run. I notice the neck gives me trouble when there is stress in any form. I suspect its a combination of the longer distance as well as a hectic yesterday.
I couldn’t really eat anything for a while. Just no appetite. Its only by lunch time I felt hungry and gobbled up some food.
The breathing helped me when I was tiring. Keeping my belly light helps in keeping the rest of me light. And I can get that by taking my attention to the navel as I breathe. Deep slow belly breathing while maintaining an open chest.
It’s when I am tired that I can practise technique. That’s when working to get the breath right is difficult but I also find that when I do so, it gets easier the next time.