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A scheduled 6k that turned into a 4.5k. I didn’t want to run today.
There’s been a lot of change in the daily routine and while I’ve gone with the flow, the thought of not being in readiness is niggling. I used to be a last minute crammer but running doesn’t let you do last minute. You have to sweat and struggle regularly to be able to go the distance.
Similarly, yoga demands unwavering and sincere practice for change to manifest.
With the holiday season change in routine, I am not within the level of discipline I would like and that’s bothering me. 6 months ago, I would have been stressed out and speeded up with this situation. The mind has slowed somewhat to be able to pause and acknowledge the reality of the situation without instantly freaking out.
Today my younger daughter was out for a run and it was such a joy to see her prance. We can learn so much from the little inhabitants of this planet.